Our Simple Pricing Plan Removes All Confusion Or Hidden Fees

Text Messages cost as little as Per Message!

Beware of hidden charges by our competitors (set-up fees, extra mobile keyword charges, support, etc.).

Pay As You Go Pricing … No Subscriptions!

Credits Cost Per Credit Delivered Total Amount
1000 Credits 0.06 Per Credit Delivered Immediately 60.00
2000 Credits 0.055 Per Credit Delivered Immediately 110.00
3000 Credits 0.05 Per Credit Delivered Immediately 150.00
4000 Credits 0.045 Per Credit Delivered Immediately 180.00
5000 Credits 0.04 Per Credit Delivered Immediately 200.00
10000 Credits 0.035 Per Credit Delivered Immediately 350.00
20000 Credits 0.03 Per Credit Delivered Immediately 600.00

(Credits never expire and roll over from month to month. Purchase in bulk to get the lowest cost per credit rate! Our competitors bill you every month for a message credit package and you must use those credits or lose them.)

No Set Up Or Cancellation Fees!

All Accounts Include The Following:
  • Text Marketing Platform
  • Incoming Text Messages
  • Schedule Text Messages
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Reports and Charts To Analyze Campaigns
  • Dedicated Mobile Marketing Expert
  • Dedicated Long Code Number
  • Outgoing Text Messages
  • Auto-Reply Messages
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Unlimited Groups to Organize Contacts
  • Unlimited Support & Guidance

Text Marketing Platform. Our state of the art text marketing platform is so easy to use even a child can use it! There’s no software for you download or install. Simply login to Text Coup Mobile Marketers and use the beautifully designed graphic interface. We’ve even included “How To” videos in each section so you can easily follow along if you have any questions. And as always, you can easily reach out to your Dedicated Mobile Marketing Expert if you have any questions!

We use genuine, reliable Longcode SMS. No email gateway gimmicks, which are slow and unreliable. With your own dedicated Longcode number you never have to worry about losing all your subscribers which can happen when using shortcodes, or fighting for the best keywords. Shortcodes are shared between hundreds of users and if just one of them is spamming the shortcode can get revoked, and you lose all your subscribers. Sharing shortcodes also means you may not be able to use the opt-in keywords you want because someone else is already using it.

Incoming & Outgoing Text Messages. Our platform is designed specifically for mobile marketing making it easy for you to send and receive text messages. Get opt-ins and send out promotional messages in minutes.

Schedule Text Messages. We know you don’t want to be restricted to being on the computer at the exact moment you want to send out your promotional message. Our scheduling feature allows you to set up your messages when it is convenient for you.

Auto-Reply Messages. Set up your auto-reply messages one time and forget it. Be assured when your customers respond to your campaigns that they will automatically receive a response back to them and know their message to you was received.

Unlimited Keywords. With your own dedicated Longcode number you never have to worry about fighting for the best keywords. Sharing shortcodes means you may not be able to use the opt-in keywords you want because someone else is already using it.

Unlimited Subscribers. Some text message suppliers want to charge you for the number of subscribers you have. That’s ridiculous, at Text Coup Mobile Marketers you get unlimited subscribers so you can build your mobile marketing list as big as possible to ensure the success of your mobile marketing campaigns.

Reports and Charts To Analyze Campaigns. Our platform includes extensive charts and reports so you can analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns. Easily stick to what’s working for your business and get rid of the rest.

Unlimited Groups to Organize Contacts. Another great way to segment your campaigns so you can target specific customers for specific promotions to insure the highest return on investment for each promotion you run.

Dedicated Mobile Marketing Expert. Your account will have a dedicated mobile marketing expert that you can call on for any questions you have or to receive unlimited support and guidance to ensure your mobile marketing experience is a positive one.