Loyalty Punch Card

Create virtual punch cards with The Loyalty Program!

LoyaltySend out to your list that you are running a special.  You make a keyword for that special and when some comes in for your special you give them the keyword to text for punching their card.

For example:  You send to your list that your having a special.  Your customer comes in and tells you they would like to take advantage of that special.  You have already setup a keyword related to that special and you tell the customer to text that keyword back to you to punch their card. You can even date the keyword for tracking purposes.

Once they reach the designated about of punches you specify they will receive the text with what they get, which will include a expiration date.

People love to be rewarded and you will love the extra business it brings you. Easily set up a Loyalty rewards program for any reason. You will be able to choose program length, what the reward will be and how many points it will take customers to reach the desired goal! Customers can gain points on either purchases or store visits.