How It Works

A Simple and Powerful Way to Deliver your targeted message Directly to your Customers

Step 1: Build your List

Text Coup Mobile Marketers mobile_iconcan design a mobile campaign to grow your own list of thousands within weeks. The campaign typically includes invitations to “opt-in,” or text a keyword to a long code (i.e. TEXT “PIZZA” TO 123-4567). This invitation is placed everywhere- your website, facebook page, banners, box toppers, direct mail pieces, advertising, cash register receipts, a sign in your window, etc. Customers are enticed to text into the list by discounts, MOBILE VIP REWARDS CLUB rewards, and other unique incentives.

Step 2: Create Your Marketing Message/Offer/Promo

mobile_messageSending an SMS text message campaign takes less time than sending an email, and you can log into our mobile marketing platform from any computer. A few campaign ideas include: special offers, sales, discounts, alerts/blasts, auto responses, scheduled messages, etc. Message ideas include: customer promotions during low-traffic times, clearance item notifications, new product announcements, holiday sales and more. You can target any group of customers and any time, such as a slow night at a restaurant or 30 minutes before a band’s show.

Step 3: Text-SMS Your offer

text_messageCombine your SMS text messaging with simultaneous emails, pictures, and even videos! You can even link customers to online promotions and info. Press send and your promotional message goes directly to their mobile phone. Your promotion will be sent to your entire customer list via our powerful proprietary software and server. Send messages out to all of your lists or choose which lists you want to target.

Step 4: Track your results & Plan your Next promotion

97% of your messages will be read in the first 3 minutes.graphSee why most mobile coupons average redemption rates of 30% of more. Campaign results can be tracked by the redemption of mobile coupons and the significant increase in customer traffic at your business. Measure your results, plan for your next promotion and watch your sales grow. Follow up on customers with mobile e-cards, text offers, rewards, announcements, and more!

Most of your business comes from your regular customers. Build your own list, Marketing to your own customers & control your own destiny! The fastest way to increase sales is to get your best customers to visit more often and spend more each time they visit you.

Text Coup Mobile Marketers is a premier mobile marketing company that uses an old school, “hands on,” face-to-face approach. Because mobile marketing is so new, the majority of business owners don’t know how to get the most bang for their buck out of it.

We’re not just out to sell you on our texting service- we want to help grow your business by using the incredible power of mobile marketing. This means helping you use mobile marketing in a way that’s right for your business, so that you can see a good Return on you Investment. This is possible when we take the time to understand your business and custom tailor a mobile marketing campaign that is right for you.

Our goal is to walk you though every step of the way. There is no point in purchasing our software unless you know with certainty what it will do for you. We want you to have an amazing FIRST experience in mobile marketing. Your business grows, our business grows, we all win!

Your business has its own unique interests and needs, and we can tailor your text message marketing campaigns accordingly. One of our mobile marketing experts can meet with you at no extra charge to discuss how best to make sure you use mobile marketing in the best way to grow your business.