Bars & Clubs


Look around your bar or club on any given night, and see at all the people typing away on their mobile phones. Get the picture? With Text Coup Mobile Marketers, now you can advertise directly to those phones! SMS text message marketing will help you use this trend to get customers in your door instead of the bar next door! Check out some of these mobile promotions…

  • Free or Discounted Drinks
  • No Cover Charge
  • Ladies Nights
  • VIP Club privileges
  • Announce Special Events or Celebrity Sightings
  • Summer Events

There’s no better way to get young adults into your bar or club than through their cell phone. That’s why text message marketing for nightclubs is such a great marketing tool. Almost every text message sent is delivered and read immediately. Club-goers can even read your text message while they are in somebody else’s bar or club, giving them, and usually all of their friends, an incentive to leave that bar or club and come to yours! Text Coup Mobile Marketers can help you bring more people through your door and transform your bar or club into the hotspot everyone keeps talking about.

Interactive Revenue Calculator for Bar & Nightclub Mobile Marketing

*We are seeing redemption rates for bar & nightclub text message marketing in the 20-30% range. Adjust the numbers below to calculate how much money you could be making.

# Opt-In Customers
Messages Per Month
*Percent Redemption
Dollars Per Offer


Bar & Club Text Message Marketing is easy and affordable

Text Coup Mobile Marketers can use your currnet list of customers’ phone numbers to start packing your place tonight! Don’t have a list? Don’t worry. We have a full array of strategies and promotional materials like banners, flyers, and coasters we can set you up with to begin building a huge list in no time. Text Coup Mobile Marketers will even come out and train your staff to build the list while they work their normal shifts!

  • Include text message promotions at your bar by simply having attractive guys and girls walking around asking for numbers. Surprisingly, people are willing to give out their mobile number to receive specials.
  • Include a long code text message promotion in your nightclub advertising (example: Text “Drink Special” to 123-4567 to receive our Weekly Drink Specials!)

Instantly reach all your customers with mobile coupons and promotions that immediately build your own customer mobile marketing list. Simultaneously connect with social networks, like Facebook, with every message! Sending an SMS text message to all your customers takes less time and effort than sending an email! Text Coup Mobile Marketers provides an All-in-One Solution that is easy and affordable. We take a more hands-on approach, walking you through every step of the way to more revenue!