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Text Message Marketing For Retailers

Retailers across America are seeing sales explode using retail mobile marketing. One retailer, K&G Superstore, experienced a 95% retail mobile coupon redemption rate! SMS, or retail text message marketing, can be used on its own or integrated with retail email marketing, print, and other media for a killer combo. With retail mobile marketing, 97% of your advertising messages are opened within the first 3 minutes- a result you can’t duplicate with any other advertising! Retailers such as The Attic and K&G have found that customers responding to retail mobile marketing usually spend 10% or more than average customers per store visit!

Interactive Revenue Calculator – How much $ will YOU make?

*Some of our Retail mobile marketing clients are seeing redemption rates as high as 20-30%. Use the tool below to calculate the money you could be making.

# Opt-In Customers
Messages Per Month
*Percent Redemption
Dollars Per Offer


Text Coup Mobile Marketers makes Retail SMS text marketing easy and affordable. We put you in direct control of your advertising with simple, hands-on training to use our Comprehensive Retail Mobile Marketing System. Why use a middle-man like a coupon marketer when you can build your own list, market to your own customers, and control your own destiny? With mobile coupons, customers don’t need to pre-purchase coupons or offers- all they need to do is walk in your store, show their phone, and buy your products!

Text Coup Mobile Marketers can take your current list of customers and start your retail mobile marketing campaign today! If you don’t yet have a list, we can design a retail mobile marketing campaign. We can provide flyers, banners, website widgets, and other promotional materials to build and constantly expand your own retail mobile marketing list.

Here’s How Easy Text Message Marketing for Retailers Works


  • It’s a slow afternoon, your store is empty. In less time than it takes to send an email, you send a text message to your mobile marketing list, “Buy 1 get 1 FREE coupon, from 1-6pm today!”
  • You are just about to receive a new line of products in. You create hype by sending a text message, “New Line of XXX arrives Sat. June 1st! get ‘em before they’re gone. Receive 30% off Saturday only. Coupon code: 00000.”
  • With a 99% msg delivery, 97% read rate and a 20%-50% respond rate, watch your customers rush to your door.

Using our revolutionary Mobile Marketing Platform, you can now send mobile coupons and promotions to get your customers into your door, anytime, anywhere. Continue using retail mobile marketing campaigns to engage your customers and grow your own mobile marketing list. Get Started today!